Types of Challenge coins

What are challenge coins?

Challenge coins are small coins or medals with the insignia of an organization. They are carried by their members to prove their allegiance. Challenge coins have always been related, since WWI, to the different military forces, when they were given to enhance morale, create bonds of brotherhood and reward soldiers for their achievements.

Nowadays they can be manufactured in many different sizes, shapes and styles, and they are still used by many different organizations and companies to reward their members or employees.


2D Challenge Coin in which you can include all the details you want and decide if you want them coloured or not. You can also choose if you want to customize only the front or the reverse too.

3D Challenge Coins, you can reach better surface details and give them an unique appearance. You can also choose to get them coloured or not, and to customize only the front part or both of them.

You can also get your Challenge Coins with no colour but with a gold, silver, copper or black plating.


1 golden medal coin

Gold Plating

non-colour medal coin

Silver Plating

1 copper medal coin

Copper Plating

1 black medal coin

Black Plating