Types of Custom lanyards

custom lanyard


Our quality custom dye-sublimated lanyards come with edge-to-edge printing, an option that allows for your chosen graphics to be applied to a lanyard without worrying about borders interfering with your artwork.

green lanyard


Flat Polyester Lanyards are the most popular type of plain lanyard that we supply – with the 25mm being the biggest selling size.
Plain Polyester lanyards are made of high-quality polyester material and are available in a variety of widths

blue lanyard


Made of tube-stitched polyester material. Your text and design are silk screen printed onto the tubular lanyards according to your specifications and colors. Due to their ‘double-sided’ structure, our tubular lanyards are the most comfortable lanyards to wear and carry with you.

black lanyard


Custom printed nylon lanyards are the perfect way to display name tags, badges and more at your next event. You can print your own custom logos and text on our lanyards.  We have several colors of custom printed nylon lanyards to choose from and you can also pick a special attachment. Custom printed Nylon lanyards are made with a nylon yarn which gives the lanyard a sheen and high quality. 

red lanyard


Graphics, text and logos are woven directly into the fabric of these custom lanyards, providing your customers with a quality, attention-getting brand enhancement solution.